Tart of the Month: Lacey Barr

It’s a new year, and we have a new Tart of the month!  January’s Tart of the Month is the ever colorful Lacey Barr!  You might remember her from her days rocking the front as a barista with her rainbow colored-hair, but these days, she’s a cake baking, tart making force to be reckoned with!

lacey barr tart of the monthLacey has barista-ed around New Braunfels for years, but she found her home with us in March of 2015.  And while she makes a dang good cappuccino, she lives one crafty life outside of the bakery!  One of her favorite crafts is sewing, and she’s made everything from quilts to bags to rad costumes!  

New Year’s traditions, everyone has made their New Year’s Resolutions, Lacey included.  But her resolution is something that this derby girl can definitely keep!  Her big goal for 2017 is to skate more, and as a member of the New Braunfels Wurst Girls Roller Derby team, we can say that she’s got this one in the bag.  Lacey has been teammate since the early Spring of 2015.  Going by “Kid Sister”, she blocks and jams and skates her way to victory.  Her next derby bout is March 25 in Kerrville, so if you’re looking for something fun to do, this might just be it!

lacey barr tart of the monthPer the If you remember her days as a barista, then you might remember the records she played– everything from Dolly Parton to Regina Spektor to Ottis Redding to Ozzy Osbourne!  And what does a barista-turned-baker like to eat at 2tarts?  Her favorite snack is the decadent tiramisu and she’ll say that it goes best with our classic black Nilgiri tea.  Working at 2tarts is like being welcomed into a whole new family, and if you ask her what her favorite part about working here, she’s going to mention all of the wonderful friends she’s made and the family-like feel here.  

It would seem that in order to work at 2tarts, one must have an all abiding love of cats, and Lacey is no exception!  She’s got two cats- Ralphie and Jabba the Cute.  So the next time that you see this green-haired, craft making, baker babe, make sure that you ask her about her kittens!