Election Day Cakes: Make America Cake Again!!

The tradition of Election Cake is alive and well at 2tarts Bakery! On Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th, come treat yourself on us!

In these divisive times, let us  join together and find a common ground. Let’s make America cake again! Election Day in the past was a day of celebration of our great democratic process, people would down right party! Please join us in celebrating democracy, freedom and our right to vote at the bakery on November 8th with a slice  of FREE Election Cake. Don’t forget your “I Voted” sticker!

Election Cake has a rich history in the United States, starting in the colonial days.

We are excited to continue the time honored tradition of making Election Cake to celebrate this year’s election! Since the 1700’s women would make cake in mass quantities to encourage men to vote and participate in the polls. Before women could vote, baking election cake offered an opportunity to participate in a civic culture surrounding voting. After a long fight, women can vote in a America today (yay!). Election cake symbolizes that long struggle and the tradition of women putting themselves into the democratic process, by any means necessary. Inspired by the community of bakers throughout the country, we are joining them in reigniting this delicious tradition.

election day cake
Treat yourself This election Day for getting out to the polls. you deserve it!

2tarts will have slices of our granny’s Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing for all who perform their civic duty, vote! We thought it would be fun to inject some joy and excitement into this year’s election by giving away FREE cake on November 8th to anyone with a “I Voted” sticker.

Unlike today, Election Day used to be a festive occasion with lots of food and booze flowing. Let’s put the fun back in dysfunctional government! Let’s make America cake again. 

Source: A History Of Election Cake And Why Bakers Want To #MakeAmericaCakeAgain from www.npr.org