June Coffee goodness (and tea)

This month at the bakery we say goodbye to Cuberow, a unique naturally-processed Ethiopian coffee that has been a fruity blast to pull as espresso. It makes your cappuccino taste like it has blueberry syrup added to it!

This coffee will last until sometime next week, and won’t be back until its fresh crop arrives off the boat and to Cuvee Coffee Roasters in the coming months.

IMG 0377

The best way to approach this coffee is to have other coffees to compare it to. Come in and ask your barista to brew it as a Chemex, and then get a brew of one of our other African offerings, the washed-processed Ethiopian coffee Daye Bensa from Greenway Coffee Roasters and new later this week Iyulo Amcos from Tanzania, also brought to us from Greenway Coffee Roasters.

2tarts has actually never offered Tanzanian coffee before, so this is a first for us. Come be the first to try it!

In case you haven’t been in lately, we’ve soft-rolled out kegging our own cold brew. After a few years of making flash-iced coffee we’re back to true cold brew, brewed cold from beginning to end. It provides a nice counter balance to Cuvee Nitro Cold Brew, which we also have on tap and in cans, and allows us to feature a single origin rotation on tap. Unlike the Cuvee Nitro, our single origin tap is flat (mostly).

Right now we’ve had success brewing Bella Carmona, a washed Guatemalan coffee from Greenway as our single origin cold brew.

IMG 0353

Speaking of cold beverages, it’s hot outside … at least for the next six months. But not to worry, we got the best iced teas in town. We’re brewing extra Nilgiri Black, Berry Hibiscus, Moroccan Mint ( a mint and gunpowder green blend) and now Ginger Peach Oolong as well. A wonderfully refreshing approach to Oolong tea. As always, these teas come to us from Zhi Tea out of Austin, our loose leaf tea partners since we opened our doors.