Tart of the Month: Briana Guerrero

School’s out, Summer is here, and we have a new Tart of the Month for June! Briana is a creative force to be reckoned with, and we are so pumped to celebrate her all month long!  Briana joined the Tart family in 2016 as a member of the decorating team.  If you’re following us on Instagram, then you’ve definitely seen some of the amazing creations that she’s crafted.

As our Managing Decorator, Briana brings a creative flair and an eye for detail to the team.  She is the artist behind our popular unicorn cake that you’ve probably seen, as well as many of our other signature cake designs.  Having gone to pastry school in Austin, Briana also brings her understanding of the true art behind custom decorating and cake design.

When she’s not creating gorgeous cakes for birthdays, anniversaries or other milestones, Briana can probably be found out and about at an antique shop with her husband and adorable little girl.  But not before hitting up a local spot for brunch.  Failing that, she’s definitely obsessing over her two cats, Miley Cyrus and Noodles Keira, who are bound to be Instagram famous one of these days.  In her spare time, she also likes to pursue her hobby of creating culinary wonders for her close friends and family.  Whether it’s a from scratch dessert or an imaginative and elaborate dinner, her cooking game is on point.  

With Summer vacation on everyone’s mind, we asked her about her best Summer trip.  Having been an active member of her drum corps, she didn’t get the traditional vacation experience.  But she has seen almost every state, and has plans to finally see Hawaii next year.  We can’t say that we’re not a little bit jealous of all of that!

So when you’re a creative force behind the cakes here at 2tarts, you’ve got to stay refreshed and fueled.  Briana’s go to?  Our refreshing iced Moroccan mint tea and the oh-so-good caramelized garlic and goat cheese frittata.  And with another Texas summer upon us, we have to agree that those are both excellent!  With all of the custom cakes that we do throughout the week, Briana’s trick to staying pumped up and in the zone is a good Pandora station.  As you’re picking up your cake, if you listen closely, you might be able to hear something from either the Florence & The Machine station or the Beyonce station.  That’s how you know that major cake-creation is going on.  We are all about the Instagram life, and when asked who her Insta crushes are, she responded with @kittenxlady and @sweetbakes_ without hesitation.  

While getting to work with a second family is cool, Briana definitely feels like the best part about working at 2tarts is that she is allowed a ton of creative freedom, while at the same time she gets to learn new skills from amazing and talented boss babes. There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with fellow creatives who are constantly striving to inspire each other, while mastering the latest trends!

We love having Briana as a member of our decorating department, and if you manage to catch her in between cakes, be sure to congratulate this amazing human on being June’s Tart of the Month!