Tart of the Month: Morgan Baker

Our Tart of the Month for April is the beautiful baker babe, Morgan!  Morgan has been a member of the Tart team since March of 2016.  Starting off as a barista, she’s now mostly a member of the baking crew, but you can still find her up front serving lattes with a smile.

While Morgan is from Austin, she’s seen a lot and been to a lot of very cool places over the last few years.  Her coolest adventure?  Probably that time she went SCUBA diving in the Caribbean.  She left Texas to live in Mississippi for a few years, but is definitely glad to be back in the Lone Star State.

When she’s not baking up amazing treats for the case, or having some adventure in another country, Morgan is probably on the water at Lady Bird Lake.  Some of her favorite activities include wakeboarding and paddleboarding.  But she’s not just all about the water, either.  She lives a very active lifestyle.  Having completed two half marathons and a half Iron Man, she’s no stranger to new and exciting activities.  If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch her out and about with her dog, Beau.  He’s her six-year old Maltese pup, but she likes to think of him as her BFF.

Here at the bakery, Morgan’s go to drink is the Chai Tea Latte.  Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter because it does the trick!  And if you ask her what’s the best dessert in the case, hands down she’ll say it’s the cream filled Eclair.  And we have to agree– both are amazing!  We love that she said “Working with my friends!” when asked what the best part about working at 2tarts is.  And if you listen carefully in the mornings, you’ll probably hear Morgan and the rest of the bakers laughing as they make delicious happen.  What does a barista-turned-baker like to jam to while at work?  With a huge smile, Morgan responded with anything One Direction.

We just LOVE that Morgan is part of the Tart Family!  Whether she’s baking off delicious cakes for birthdays or making everyone laugh, she’s a fantastic addition to the family.  So make sure you congratulate her on being April’s tart of the month!