Vendor Spotlight: Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply

Since my early years in the food industry in Austin, I have always known of Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply. If you needed any gourmet or out of the box ingredients, they were your first stop. Bakeries all over Texas would be hard pressed to find a supplier that measures up to them. Still, I have always brushed off their story. I guess I figured a company with such stature now did not come from humble beginnings. After a random acquaintance mentioned Johnson Bros. being a family owned company started by two brother’s. I had to look into it deeper!!

Every company  starts off with a dream and a whole lot of determination. Johnson Bros. was no different. It was started by Kevin and Blain Johnson who grew up working for their parents’ bakeries in Texas and Minnesota. Kevin mastered baking and frying donuts, while Blain had a passion for cake decorating and front end operations. While working in the supply side of the bakery industry, the brothers noticed a niche in the bakery distribution business that needed to be filled. In 1994 they realized their dream and started Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply.

With their roots and corporate headquarters still in San Antonio, Johnson Bros. has grown to include a full operational branch in Dallas and a distribution hub in Houston. The company employs over 80 people, 20 daily truck routes, ships to 4 states, and stocks over 8000 SKU’s. Blain left the company in 2012 to pursue charity and mission work, but Kevin still considers it a blessing to serve bakeries all over Texas and beyond.

Throughout the years, 2tarts has depended on Johnson Bros. for superior products and excellent customer service. We have loved getting to know our delivery drivers and sales representatives. With all Johnson Bros. success, it just goes to show you that even the big guys start at the bottom.

Photo Credit: Johnson Bros 

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