Tart of the Month: Carlie Harris

Our Tart of the Month for the month of February is Carlie Harris!  One of the newer members of the Tart family, she’s the sweet barista rocking the espresso machine most nights.  She comes to us with lots of experience in coffee, having worked at various shops in Austin over the last four years.

Coming from Austin, she’s a new resident to New Braunfels, having just moved here back in August of 2016 so that she could be closer to family.  When she’s not pulling perfect espresso beverages, she’s most likely doing something outside.  Whether it’s taking gorgeous, for-fun photos or hitting up one of the many parks for a hike, she’s got a serious love for the outdoors.  Like all of the rest of the Tarts, she’s got a soft spot for animals.  Her two pets include her 7-year old, three legged dog Duke and a King Snake named George (pun intended).

We’ve all got a dream vacation spot that we long to go to.  And Carlie is no different, although her dream spot is.  Her ultimate vacay?  Mars, but just for the sightseeing.  Another piece of trivia about Carlie is that this girl has a lot of tattoos.  Her favorite one is a Keith Haring inspired illustration on her upper arm.

Everyone at 2tarts has their own set of records that they love to spin, and Carlie is no exception.  Her top three fave records to play behind the counter are (in no particular order): Cage The Elephant- “Melophobia”, Pavement- “Brighten The Corners” and Wilco- “Wilco (The Album)”.  What does a barista extraordinare love to eat and drink in a bakery?  For Carlie, the dirty chai and the “almost ‘2tart’” lemon bar are both where it’s at. Not being from New Braunfels, her favorite part about working at 2tarts is that she has gotten to meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends from around town.

We love having this rad “Mini Tart” as part of our Tart and New Braunfels family!  The next time you come in and see her peeking above the counter, give this new local a welcome!