Vendor of the Month: Farm to Table

Using local, seasonal ingredients is important to us here at 2tarts and we couldn’t do it without Farm to Table.

Farm to Table is based out of Austin and distributes locally produced dairy, meat, and produce all over central Texas. They not only make it possible for commercial businesses to access locally produced goods but, they support small growers getting their goods into bigger markets. Partnering with producers from Central Texas is beneficial in so many ways.

local suppliers

Why local you ask?

Taste and Nutrition
When ingredients are produced locally they are more nutritious and taste better.

Optimal Freshness
Fresh is synonymous with great flavor!

local suppliers

Support the local economy and community
Shopping local not only keeps our Texas economy strong but, it helps build a flourishing    community where consumers know the people that produce their food. According to the London-based New Economics Foundation, a local farm’s income generated twice as much money for the local economy as a supermarket’s income in the same area.

Keeping in touch with the local seasons
This means you will be getting products when they are at their peak, are most abundant, and the least expensive.

Farm to Table has partnered with farmers and ranchers that have various means to use less non-renewable resources, make less impact on the environment, and grow a healthy and profitable end product. Sustainable methods include important practices like biodiversity, water conservation, and environmental protection.

Here at 2tarts, we are truly grateful for the products Farm to Table provide. They make it possible for us to support our local farming community and at the same time provide a superior product to our customers.

unspecifiedNext time you’re in the bakery be sure to try a Cappuccino or Latte made with milk from a small dairy outside of Waco. Happy cows make better milk! You are sure to taste the difference!