Vendor of the Month: Greenway Coffee

Beginning in the summer of 2014, 2tarts Bakery has partnered with Houston-based coffee roasters Greenway Coffee as one of our main suppliers of perfectly roasted specialty coffee beans.

Greenway Coffee at 2tarts

This week we brought back Santa Teresita, a wonderful and spicy Colombian coffee that we featured frequently this summer; and on espresso this weekend we will feature Aurora, a single-origin espresso from Bella Carmona Guatemala.

greenway coffee
Their particular attention to every level of detail in the coffee supply chain, as they say, from “farmer to barista,” as well as their focus on always sourcing African coffees throughout the year made them a great counterpart to our other wonderful Texas-based roaster, Cuvee Coffee.

Greenway Coffee’s Story

Founders David Buehler and Ecky Prabanto began running a tiny coffee shop – Greenway Coffee – in the Greenway Plaza office complex in central Houston in 2009. What began as a café that featured coffees from some of the best specialty roasters from all over the States soon turned into a passion to roast coffee themselves.

Their coffees began appearing in restaurants, bakeries, bars and other coffee shops throughout the Houston area and have expanded their reach throughout Texas and beyond to some of the best cafes in New Orleans, San Francisco and other burgeoning specialty coffee hot spots.

Their style of roasting, while distinct from Cuvee, still provides for developed coffees that let the regional terroir of the country of origin shine through, rather than the roaster imparting flavor on them.

Like 2tarts, Greenway has grown rapidly over the past couple years. From roasting on a small 5 kilo drum roaster to a 35 kilo Loring — one of the best American-made drum roasters designed for incredible precision in the art of roasting – the company has also started three independent coffee shops in addition to the original office complex shop in Greenway Plaza.

The newest shop in the Houston Heights area, Morningstar, also scratch bakes some of the best doughnuts we’ve ever tried. Grab a bag of one of the coffees we are featuring at the bakery.  To see what else they offer, visit

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