Summer 2016 Wedding Cakes Recap

This summer, we saw a lot of really creative and gorgeous wedding cakes!  From the traditional ivory buttercream cake to the hand-painted watercolor cake, we’ve had a pretty busy summer.  We were thrilled to bring so many brides’ perfect cakes to life!

One of our favorite wedding cake trends that we saw this summer was the addition of hand-painted watercolor patterns on the cake.  There is something wonderful about incorporating one’s wedding colors into the wedding cake, to truly personalize it.  

Another trend that we love seeing is the modern metallic wedding cake.  Whether it’s gold confetti, a hand-painted metalic pattern, or edible gold (or silver!), we are just as love with this trend as everyone else is!   


If you’re more of a chocolate lover than a fan of traditional vanilla, you’ve probably noticed a lot more chocolate wedding cakes over this season!  The rustic chocolate wedding cake theme is something that we’ve been loving, whether it’s a naked chocolate torte, or a buttercream beauty.  

blog_summer_weddings2We’ve seen one trend come up more and more and more this season, and that’s the wedding cake with blush accents.  Soft and simple, the blush accent has us swooning.  Sometimes, all it takes is a simple wafer paper flower, and other times, it’s an entire tire covered in ruffles, but whatever it is, we hope to see more of it!